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Discount Plan


Armstrong Dental Studio Discount Plan.

We recognize that dental services can be costly and sometimes this results in the inability for some of our patients who are un-insured to decline much needed treatment.  In an effort to assist our patients in obtaining dental care we have instituted an in-house discount program similar to what most of our patients already have.  If you chose to take advantage of it, you will be saving 30% -40%. For example



  Our Office Fee   

  ADS Dental Plan   

Comprehensive exam*



Adult cleaning*



Complete x-rays*



4 bitewings x-rays



Deep cleaning/quad



Root canals molars



Crowns metal + porcelain



Crowns – non metal



Fillings - white









ADS Individual Plan - $199.00 - This is an annual membership plan based on a calendar year. It entitles you to the following.

  • Unlimited maximum
  • No waiting period - Major services available immediately
  • No deductible - This is not an insurance 
  • Cannot be combined with any other plans.

ADS Family Plan -$399 - This is an annual membership plan for members of the same household. Parents and minor children. Benefits are same as above.

By signing up for this plan you agree to renew annually in order to continue receiving the discounted rates.  Rates are not prorated.


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